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  1. Is my product available?
    The availability of every product is indicated on our website. This is information is in real time and is updated from our warehouse.

  2. How can I order?
    On our website you can register to open an account. You can register by going to ‘Your account’ on the upper right side of the homepage. You click on ‘Create an account’. Fill in all of your personal information then press submit. You have now successfully opened an account for Once you have found your ideal slow juicer, or accessory, you can place the product(s) in the shopping basket. Choose your shipment method and payment method. If you have done all this press ‘Place order now’. You can finish your payment and your order will officially be placed. In our webshop it’s also possible to order without registration. You can follow the exact same steps as mentioned above. Fill in your personal information. Pick your shipment and payment method and press ‘Place order now’. Finish the process by making the payment. After the payment is done, you will receive a confirmation mail. You will receive another e-mail once we have shipped your order. In this last e-mail you will also receive a track and trace code for following your order.

  3. Do I have to log in to place an order?
    No you do not. It is also possible to place an order without registration. In the shopping cart you can easily fill in your data and proceed with placing your order.

  4. I have already placed and paid my order, can I change the shipping address?
    Yes and No. As long as your order has not been shipped yet it is possible to change the shipping address. Best is to call us immediately, when you e-mail us we might not be able to respond immediately and your order possibly will be sent to the wrong address. Once your order has been shipped it’s no longer possible to change the shipping address. You are then responsible for accepting the package on the first named address.

  5. Can I pick up my order?
    No, unfortunately we do not have a showroom where you can come by. Every order we process is being sent out.

  6. How do I use my discount code?
    In the first step of the shopping cart you can see a bar with ‘Discount Codes’. Fill in your voucher code in the bar and press ‘apply coupon’. You will see a short message saying your code has been accepted. Click the Checkout button to proceed.


      1. What are the shipping costs? accepts orders from all over the world. Orders are shipped by UPS
        from our central warehouse based in Amsterdam. UK orders are delivered within 2 - 5 
        work days.

        United Kingdom £ 9.95

        Free Delivery on orders over £75,- UK.
        All machines from the brand Tribest will have free shipping in the UK.

        Other shipping costs:

        Belgium £ 15,00
        Germany £ 15,00
        Netherlands £ 15,00
        France £ 20,00
        Ireland £ 27,00
        Italie £ 15,00
        Spain £ 15,00

        Please be aware that we have to rely on our courier UPS, if for any reason there is a delay that we are aware of before we dispatch your purchase we will offer you the option to cancel your order or to receive a refund.

      2. What's the delivery time?
        We are dedicated to shipping your order out to you as fast as possible. This means that if you place an order before 4PM on working days and the product is in stock, your order will be shipped the same day. Your package will be shipped from our central warehouse based near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. UK orders are delivered within 2 - 5 work days. The transit times are subject to stock availability and we also have to verify your order, which means that we recommend you pay by credit card or Paypal.
      3. Can I choose a day and time for delivery?
        No, you can’t choose a day or time for delivery. Once we have received your order and your payment we will ship your order as soon as possible. When we ship your order it will be delivered to you the next day.

      4. How long after I receive my shipment confirmation email will I be able to track my order?
        Please allow at least 24 hours after receiving your shipment confirmation email before clicking the track & trace link. This gives the courier time to pick up your order from our warehouse.
      5. What happens when I am not at home?
        If the delivery company arrives at your door and you are not present they will come back the next day. They do this twice after the first attempt. If you are not at home the third time the package will automatically be sent back to us. We will inform you once we have received your package back in our stock room.
      6. I haven't received my entire order, what to do?
        We are sorry if this occurs. Sometimes packages get separated during transport. This can cause a delayed delivery of an order. If you receive an incomplete order please contact us first. We can see if the packages have been separated or if it has been forgotten by ourselves. In the last case we will send you the missing product(s) as soon as possible.



  1. Can I pay by Creditcard?
    Yes, you can order with Visa or Mastercard credit card
    Ordering with creditcard is easy, fast and reliable.

    If you choose to pay by credit card, we will ask you to enter the following information:
    • Credit card number
    • Expiration date
    • cvv2 code (validation code)
    • Card holder name

    Once you have entered this information click on "Submit". Your purchase has now been completed and submitted to our system. You will be redirected to our website where you will find a confirmation of your purchase. In addition, you will receive an email confirming your purchase.
  2. FAQ about creditcard payment
    Frequently asked questions about creditcard payments
    Why is there a validation code?
    The validation code (Card Validation Code) are the last three digits on the back of your credit card. We ask you to enter this information to make sure that your card is not used for fraudulent purposes, as this number is not printed anywhere else. The card validation code validates that the person who makes the purchase actually owns the credit card and not a copy of the credit card or just the number of the credit card. Also, the last three digits are not included in the magnetic strip on the card, nor are they part of the credit card number.

    When is my credit card charged?

    After you have clicked on "Submit", your personal details will be verified. Once your personal details have been approved, your credit card will be charged. Your order is then sent to our system (this takes just a few minutes).

    What kind of information do we receive?
    We do not save your credit card information; only your own bank has this information. Docdata will verify your card number, verification number and your address during the transaction. We will receive an electronic message confirming your
    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • Ordered products
    Of course, we will deal with your information in an appropriate manner. For more information about our safety and privacy policy click here.

    Can I change my purchase once I have ordered?
    We cannot charge your credit card more than once. We can therefore only change the total amount of your order. If you change your order to a lower amount than the initial amount, we will refund your credit card with the difference. Changing your order Please notify us of your desired changes via E-mail or phone. Or see our contact page. Please also include your order number so we can quickly realise your desired changes.
  3. Pay Pal
    If you choose to pay by PayPal, you will be directed to the PayPal homepage where you will have to enter your PayPal email address and your password.
  4. Can I pay in cash when my order is being delivered?
    No. It is not possible to pay the driver when your order is being deliverd. We have no payment method for cash payments.
  5. Is it possible to pay afterwards?
    No. You always have to pay in advance.

Warranty and returns

  1. What to do when my product is D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival)?
    In case your new purchase is damaged or broken at receipt, please contact us as soon as possible. Best is to call us at 0031356910253 (8:00-16:00 GMT) or otherwise send us an e-mail at We will try to offer a proper solution as quick as possible.
  2. What is your warranty policy?
    If, for any reason, your product shows defects, you can also count on us of course. We show the warranty period of each and every product on our website. The warranty period is the warranty as supplied by the manufacturer at the time of purchase.

    If there are any faults or damages in your machine, or it doesn’t work as it did before you can always contact us, 0031356910253 
    (8:00-16:00 GMT) or If that is the case we would like to receive pictures of the problem you are experiencing. A short video, if possible, is welcome as well. The picture/video has to show the problem and where the problem occurs during the process. With the help of the picture(s) and video(s) we might be able to determine the cause of the problem and offer you a proper solution over the phone.
  3. Can I exchange my purchase?
    If you are not satisfied by the product you have bought, it is possible to exchange it for a different model. If this has your preference you have to contact us. You can send back the product you are unsatisfied with (this will be on your on costs) and once we have received your product we can send the new product towards you. If there is a difference in price we will refund the difference into your bank account. If the new product is more expensive we will send it towards you after you have paid the difference.
  4. Can I send back my purchase if I am not satisfied?
    At you have a 30day period to see if your purchase is exactly what you thought it would be. If you are not satisfied by its performance or quality you can sent it back to us. Once we have received the product back in our stock room we will inform you as soon as possible. It is important that the product is complete and in the packaging you received it in. If you decide to send it back to us the costs for sending it back will be on your own account. The (possible) costs for sending it to you will be refunded.
  5. Is returning free of charge?
    Yes and No. When you receive your product damaged or with technical difficulties you can return your product without any costs being charged. In case your new purchase is damaged or broken at receipt, please contact us as soon as possible. Best is to call us at 0031356910253 (8:00-16:00 GMT) or otherwise send us an e-mail at We will try to come with a proper solution as quick as possible.

    In case it is a matter of satisfaction and you are just not satisfied with your product you can return it on your on costs within 30days after you have received the product.
  6. When can I expect my refund?
    When your return is checked and complete, we will refund your money as soon as possible. Refunds are processed within 10 days after we have received the shipment in our stockroom.
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