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Panasonic MJ-L500SXE

Panasonic slowjuicer MJ-L500SXE 1



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This Panasonic MJ-L500SXE slow juicer is made of high quality materials. The slow juicer is suitable for extracting juice from hard vegetables and fruits (such as apples, carrots, ginger and nuts) and soft fruit (such as bananas, cucumbers and mint).

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What products can be squeezed by the Panasonic MJ-L500SXE slow juicer?
You can produce both fresh and healthy juices and iced desserts. By using the dense screen you can start making delicious ice cream desserts.

Juicing is easy with this slow juicer, though it may have some trouble with the fibrous "super" raw vegetables such as beets, wheat grass and leafy greens.

What is the quality of the juice you get from the Panasonic slow juicer?
The juice is similar to other slow juicers in this price range. The pulp remains still a little wet. That's the reason why we put the pulp through the juicer to get more juice. The juice still contains some pulp.

How to clean the Panasonic slow juicer?
Turn the Panasonic slow juicer  on briefly after  squeezing the last pieces of fruit and vegetables. This will give the slow juicer the opportunity to completely squeeze the fruit and vegetables. Because fruits and vegetables are not fat, the slow juicer can be cleaned very easy. The dishwasher is not necessary. The juicing screen always demands more attention. It needs to be brushed to be completely clean.

Why would you choose the Panasonic MJ-L500SXE?

  • The small size of the juicer takes up less space on the countertop.
  • The lower part of the press screw is made of metal. This means less wear and tear.
  • Real juice cap. Not like the Philips slow juicer, where a loose rubber "cork" is on, the Panasonic has a juice cap.
  • BPA-free

Panasonic slowuicer MJ-L500 BPAfree plastic


Brand Panasonic
Type of Press Single gear
Propulsion Electric
Dimensions (LxWxH) 18,5 (W) x 17,6 (H) x 43,2 cm (D)
Warranty 2 years
Weight 4 KG
BPA-free Yes
Tuning speed 45
Power Consumption 150 W
Box content

Slow juicer

Juice cup

Pulp cup

Frozen Attachment



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