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Hurom HH Second Generation Slow Juicer + 2 FREE RE-Bottles

Hurom HH-DBE11


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This is the original Hurom UK model HH-DBG11 with a UK plug from the official Hurom UK dealer. Not to be confused with the European model: HH-DBE11 which is not suitable for the UK market.

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With the Hurom HH 2nd generation slow juicer you can juice both soft and hard fruit, but also celery, bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage and radish are no problem for this slow juicer. The fibrous or hard vegetables should be sliced in smaller pieces before use to avoid jamming. It also provides a better quality of the juice.

Hurom Auger slow juicer

New Auger
The 2 cutting edges provide an even better pressing of vegetables and fruit. A lot less products are left inside the machine during the juice process which makes the juicer more efficient and less difficult to clean. The Slow Squeezing Technology preserves even more of the natural fresh taste and rich nutrition of your juice by causing as little as possible oxidization to the juice this is achieved by using a new auger design and a new motor that rotates at 50% the speed of the original motor system at only 43 RPM’s. As a result the new Hurom HH is able to achieve higher juice yield compared to its predecessor the Hurom HE and also a much smoother pulp free and foam free juice. While the RPM is nearly twice as slow as the Hurom HE, the new HH-DBG11 augur features a double winged augur that creates a double cut during rotation so as not to slow down the Juicing  process and renowned  convenience of the Hurom juicers.


Drum assembly
The entire drum assembly has been redesigned and with the addition of a Pulp Lever, on previous models the Pulp outlet was controlled by a flap on the base of the drum guide, this feature can now be controlled from the front at varying levels. The new pulp control lever and juice cap makes it possible to customise your juices and smoothies for just the right amount of fibre for your taste and for smoothies. The pulp ejection chute is also larger, leading to less clogging. The New Wiper blade system eliminates the old cog and wheel mechanism as seen on older models giving a more integrated system with less clogging, cleaning and potential damage to the working parts.

Easy cleaning
Like previous models clean-up is easy with the Hurom, if you want to keep using your juicer but need to give it a rinse in-between juicing different ingredients, simply pour water through the machine while running as normal and close the juice cap. The water will flush out most of the remaining pulp and juice. There are two cleaning brushes provided with the Hurom juicer and one of the brushes has a detachable smaller brush to get at difficult to reach areas. The new drum and augur design makes it easier to clean with less residue after juicing. Guide markings on the drum and strainer facilitate effortless assembly and disassembly of each part of the machine. The parts can be rinsed with water, cleaned with the included brush and let it dry on the juice bowl stand.

Hurom Drying Stand
The new Hurom HH also includes Hurom’s Drying Stand for quick drying and storage of parts. After cleaning the juicer we usually use a drying towel spread on the table to put down the parts so they can dry. This takes up a lot of space so the drying stand is a welcome surprise which we don't find in any other juicers.

Juice container
A juice container with lid to store the juice in the refrigerator without having to poor it in to a different container or bottle.


Brand Hurom
Type of Press Single gear
Propulsion Electric
Dimensions (LxWxH) 237 x 167 x 398 mm
Warranty 2 years warranty
Weight 6,4 kg
BPA-free Yes
Motor single-phase
Tuning speed 40 rpm
Noise (dB) 60 dBa
Power Consumption 150W
Can juice Wheatgrass Average
Box content


Instruction manual


2 X cleaning brush

Fine screen/p>

Soft fruit screen

Juice container

Pulp container


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Review by the juicer
Having decided on a slow juicer this one works for me. Particularly good for greens which my old blender could not do. Thanks for the advise on the phone. (Posted on 10/4/15)

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