- 200 g mixed nuts (without walnuts) or almonds
- Sunflower seeds nuts
- Pumpkin seeds
- raisins
- Unsulfided apricots
- goji berries

Step 1:
Let all the ingredients overnight soak in water. The nuts, kernels and seeds drain and wash and add it along with the raisins, apricots unsulfided, goji berries and some water in a blender and mix briefly. Use your slowjuicer to squeeze all the ingredients.

Step 2:
Put a banana (or two) in the blender and add some of the juice moisture there. Mix to a smooth liquid. Add remaining nut milk and mix again for 3 seconds and you've got your fresh nut milk with banana!

You may add two tablespoons of raw chocolate powder for a chocolate-banana-nut milk.